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Forms & proceedures related to IDMI :

Centrally Sponsored scheme of Integrated Education for Disabled Children(I.E.D.C) :

The Government of Karnataka has been implementing  IEDC Scheme since 1981. In the beginning the scheme was implemented by the Department of Social Welfare.Then it was officially transferred  from Social Welfare Department to Department of  Education in 1984. The Department of Public Instruction has assigned the responsibility to Directorate of State Education Research and Training to implement I.E.D.C. scheme by state government as desired by the Government of India. In 2002 the scheme was shifted to Directorate of Urdu and other Minority institution Nrupathunga Road Bangalore .In 2003 the scheme was transferred to Sarva Shikshana Abhiyan Bangalore. Again in 2004 it was transferred to Directorate of Urdu and other Minority institution Nrupathunga Road Bagalore. In 2009, the scheme has been closed and it has been replaced by Inclusive Education for the Disabled at secondary stage.(I.E.D.S.S.).

Aims: The centrally sponsored scheme of I.E.DC. Purports to provide educational opportunities for disabled children in common schools to facilitate their retention in school system and to bring them to mainstream The scheme was implemented through NGOS and DIETS.

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