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Best practices followed in the State :

  1. Food is prepared by using LPG. This has helped to keep kitchen and school area clean and also tidy.
  2. Women are appointed as cooks.
  3. Women belonging to SC/ST and OBC has been appointed as cooks. Preference is given to widows and destitute.
  4. All children are served food by making them to sit in rows or stand in queues irrespective of caste and creed. This helps in co-ordination, equality and moving towards casteless society and social integration.
  5. Children are made to wash hands and plates before and after eating food.
  6. Mother’s committees have been constituted in each school, mothers participate in cooking and serving.
  7. Cooks have been trained in preparation of hygienic and health food to maintain cleanliness.
  8. Cooking cost is released to joint account of the presidents of school development and Monitoring committee and head cooks well in advance for purchase of vegetables and spices.
  9. Grevance Reddressal cell is opened, since 2011 march and received complaints are solved immediately at different levels then and there it dself.

Kitchen garden:

Kitchen gardens are developed in schools where land, water and compound wall facility is available. Each school is given one time grant of Rs Rs 3500/- per school to grow vegetables in kitchen garden in 20,000 schools. Total expenditure for this purpose is Rs 700 lakhs is borne by the State Government.

Wall writing :

In all schools, the details of Mid Day meal scheme is displayed preferably on kitchen walls for information of general public. GoK has released Rs 1000/school in 46250 schools. The total expenditure of RS 462.50 lakhs is borne by the State Govenment for this purpose.

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