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Selection of the Cooks :

Selection committee comprises of the following members.
  1. President of Grama Panchayats and ward members in Municipality/City Corporation shall be the President of this committee.
  2. S.D.M.C. President - Member
  3. Head master of the School - Member
  4. Chief officer in City Corporation/Secretary of the Chief of Municipality/Secretary of Grama Panchayat - Secretary of the Committee.

The committee constituted at village and municipality ward level for selection of cooking staff should follow all the instructions given in the Government Order and in this manual.

  • The President of Grama Panchayat/ward members of City Corporation shall preside over the preliminary meeting of the selection committee called by the Headmasters commencing the food centre.
  • In case the cooking centre is to be started for more than one school, the Headmasters of those schools should be invited as special invitees.
  • In this meeting, all the instructions in the guidelines pertaining to mode of selection have to be discussed and decision has to be taken regarding calendar of events of recruitment and inviting applications.
  • Following actions have to be taken regarding inviting applications as per the proceedings of the meeting.
  • Besides giving details to the public through differernt mode of publicity with all the details including eligibility, terms and remuneration for appointment of cooking staff must be announced in the notice board of Grama Panchayat before ten days.
  • All head cooks, cooks should be female members.
  • The head cook must have passed atleast 7th std. The Executrive Officer, Taluk panchayath must confirm from voters list and ration card that he is a resident of that village.
  • No educational qualification has been fixed for other staff. But preference must be given to the literates.
  • Women above 30 years belonging to the same village have to be selected for the posts of head cooks and cooks.
  • Preference must be given to the widows, women in distress.
  • In A1-type centre, candidate from S.C./S.T. category should be selected.
  • In A-type centre, one candidate from S.C./S.T. and one candidate from backward class category should be selected.
  • In B-type centre, one candidate from S.C./S.T. and one candidate from backward class category and one candidate from General category should be selected.
  • In C-type centre, first three candidates must be selected as stated in B-type and fourth candidate must be selected from minorities.
  • Free publicity notification should be given to all the municipality and city corporation ward areas, with all the details through daily local news papers without burdening the Governmental expenditure. Publicity should be given through wall papers, pamplets and play cards etc. While publicising through local modes like bands, trumphets the date of interview must be clearly spelt.
  • The candidates who come to the interview are not entitled to any traveling allowance.
  • The candidates are requested to bring two recent passport size photographs along with their xerox copies (two) of original marks cards regarding their educational qualification.
  • On the date of interview, the committee should examine the candidates who have come for the interview, along with their details of the records and register suitable as stated above and select the candidates.
  • They have to record all the proceedings clearly and announce in the meeting. A list of reservation should be kept ready along with proceedings. Three names of the candidates should be selected against each post on the basis of preferece. If the candidate who has been selected first doesn't turn up due to some unavoidable circumstances they can change the list accordingly. It not only saves time, energy but also work of kitchen centres.
  • These two selection lists have to be sent to the Executive officer, Taluk Panchayath / equivalent officer for final approval.
  • By taking these measures the mode of selection will be transparent.
  • Powers are delegated to Executive officer, Taluk Panchayath /equivalent officer to cancel selection, if any complaint is made regarding selection mode or if selection has not been made according to the guidelines.
  • Final approval has to be obtained for selection list of cooking staff from Executive officer, Taluk Panchayath /equivalent officer.
  • Secretary/equivalent officer of the Grama Panchayat has to issue an appointment order to the selected candidates as instructed in annexure – E immediately after obtaining final approval from Executive officer, Taluk Panchayath /equivalent officer.
  • The selected cooking staff shall, before obtaining appointment order from the Chairman of the Selection Committee give an undertaking on a bond paper of Rs. 10 in the format given in Annexure – E in this regard to that effect that they will abide by the above said terms and conditions.


Category Number of children Number of cooks Honorarium
1 TO 25
Head cook - Rs 1100/- Other cooks Rs 1000/- per month
26 TO 70
71 TO 300

Category Number of children Number of cooks Honorarium
Attached to HPS
1 TO 300
Head cook - Rs 1100/- Other cooks Rs 1000/- per month
301 to 500
501 TO 1000

Honorarium to cooks

With effect from 01-12-2009 head cooks are paid Rs1100/- and other cooks are paid Rs 1000/- per month. Head cooks maintain records in the school. At present 114653 cooks are working in this programme.

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