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Kitchen sheds :

Year Sanction Completed Different stages Not started Progress

2007-08 & 2009-10




















Central Govt has approved and grant has to be released

In the beginning kitchen sheds were constructed making use of zilla panchayaths, grama panchayaths taluk panchayaths and municipality funds and also under various schemes such as SJRY. During 2005-06 State government has released Rs. 30.00 crores for construction of 6000 kitchen sheds and during 2006-07 Rs. 26.00 crores to construct 5200 kitchen sheds at Rs.50,000/- per kitchen shed.

During 2006-07 Government of India has released Rs. 5763.60/- lakhs for the construction of 9606 kitchen sheds, out of which 8973 kitchen sheds have been completed, remaining 633 kitchen sheds are in different stages of construction. During 2007-08 Rs.10944.60 lakhs has been released, the same is released to the school development and monitoring committees for construction during July 2009. In the meanwhile Government of India enhanced the cost of construction of kitchen sheds at the present schedule of rate of states. Plinth area is defined as per children strength of the school. The revised proposal is being submitted in annul work plan and budget for the year 2010-11.

The central government has sanctioned 18241 Kitchen sheds to be constructed during 2007-08 and has sanctioned Rs.10944.60 lakhs has been released (60,000 per shed). This grant has been released by the state government to all the districts during July-2009. The construction is under progress. The Central government has guided to construct according to the guidance blue print.

As per indications, according to SR rate during 2007-08. As per the present marketing rate 1.85 lakhs are needed to construct according to the instructed blue print. Matching grant is needed from the state government due to the increased rates of construction materials. Memo has been circulated to utilize the matching grant under NERG Scheme to complete the construction of kitchen sheds.

At the end of the financial year 2011-12, the Central Government has given the approval for the construction (Plinth area wise) of 8724 Kitchen Sheds on the basis of 75:25 Centers and State share per plinth area Rs.3.01 lakh was fixed. The total grant was required for the construction was Rs.33660.83 lakh. The Central Government has released its Share of Rs 25245.62 lakhs action has been taken to construct kitchen sheds.

Kitchen devices :

In the beginning state Government had released Rs. 5000/- per kitchen centre for the purchase of cooking devices, gas stove. Separate funds were released for provision of gas connection.

During 2006-07 and 2007-08 central government has released Rs. 2129.40 lakhs for the replacement of cooking devices and same amount has been released and spent for procurement of cooking vessels. During 2009-10 Rs.549.85 lakhs has been released to replace gas stoves.

The State government had sanctioned the grant of Rs.5000 per kitchen centre to purchase the stove, vessels and utensils. The amount sanctioned for the repairs for the same during 2006-07 is as follows. At present Rs.64.15 lakh to 1283 primary school centres (Rs.5000 per centre) 77.40 lakh have been sanctioned to 1023 high schools centres (Rs.7500 per centre) respectively

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