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     One of the directive principles of State Policy enunciated in the Constitution of India relates to providing free and compulsory education for all children in the country up to the age of 14 within a period of 10 years from the date of commencement of the Constitution. 

      Unfortunately, even after 50 years since the Constitution came into force we have been unable to achieve the target.


The Supreme Court has also observed-

      “Does not the passage of 44 years convert the obligation created by Article 45 of the Constitution into an enforceable right?  We must say that at least now the State should honor the command of Article 45.  It must be made a reality at least now.  Indeed the NPE 1986 says that the promise of Article 45 will be redeemed before the end of the century.  Be that as it may, we hold that a child has a fundamental right to free education up to age 14 years.”

-Supreme Court Judgment, 1994


     Universalisation of Primary Education was accepted as a target to be achieved within a period of 10 years of the coming into force of the Constitution i.e. 1960. Since then it has been revised several times without achieving the target.

       At present, the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of the Government of India pledges to achieve this task by 2010. In Karnataka, the target year accepted by the Department of Public Instruction is 2007.


       The expansion of human capabilities because of education contributes to human well being directly, apart from its indirect role in social and economic development. With the opening of economic opportunities due to liberalization, the State’s population has to have basic education for growth to be sustained, to meet the needs of modernized agriculture, for knowledge and skills, and of industry for skilled manpower.


        The State Government is the pre-eminent agent in the primary education sector being responsible for establishing and running primary schools in the State Under the decentralization initiatives that were pioneered by Karnataka in the 1980’s, the responsibility for running primary schools was first devolved to the Zilla Panchayats.  Since the late 1990’s, payment of teachers salaries has been further devolved to the Taluk Panchayats.  The district head of the Department of Public Instruction, the Deputy Director,(Administration) is in charge of all primary and high schools in the district reports administratively to the Zilla Panchayat and Deputy Director of Public Instruction(DDPI)(Academic)  is giving academic support to school education.  Both DDPI's are  responsible to the Commissioner for Public Instruction at the state level.


[Academic Structure of Primary Education Directorate.]


Education Policy :



Every child attends school.


Every child attains, effectively, the minimum levels of learning.


Every teacher is at school.


The community is actively involved in the betterment of the schools, thereby encouraging a mass campaign for primary education.


Goals and Objectives :


     The main goals and objectives of the Government of Karnataka towards universalization of elementary education are:


To ensure that all 6-14 year old children are in classes 1-8 by 2007.


To ensure that all required infrastructure and human resources for providing eight years of free, compulsory, relevant and quality education are in place by 2007.


To ensure that education becomes a means of genuine empowerment of the individual to achieve his/her full potential by 2007.


To ensure that the learning process is made locally relevant, child-centered, activity-based and joyful by 2007.


To ensure that educational management is decentralized to the community and that the the community takes ownership to ensure children’s right to education by 2007.


[Current Status of Primary Education in Karnataka]



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