Service Matters

Sl. No Details Posted Date
43 Shifting of Excess Teachers in Aided Institutions as per Student-Teachers Ratio for the year 2012-13 - Excess teachers final priority list | Vacancy Details. 09-10-2012
42 Counting of service rendered in Aided Institutions under different management for TBA,20years service 22-09-2012
41 12-09-2012s
40 Implementing 2012 Revised Pay Scales for the staff of Aided Educational Institutions. 03-07-2012
39 Memo regarding implementing GIA for D Group Employees who are appointed before 01-06-1992. 23-05-2012
38 Addition of names of Left out D Group Employees in the list from 1-6-1992 to 02-02-2000. 20-04-2012
37 Relaxation of existing rules to fill up vacancies in aided high schools.  
36 Promotional reservation for single post cadre in direct recruitment  for civil services as per rule 16 of Indian Constitution.  
35 Procedure for filling up of the Head Master / Head Mistress in Private Aided High Schools.  
34 Filling of Head Master Posts in Aided Institutions by Promotion.  
33 Relaxing Economy orders to filling up of Posts in Aided Institutions.  
32 Gazette Notification to filling up of vacancies in Aided Primary & High Schools.  
30 Sanction of Additional Increment who passed Kannada Language Eamination.  
28 Reservation for Direct Recruitment in State civil services under Indian Constitution Article 16(4)  
27 Reservation of persons belonging to Schedule Caste and others.  
26 Regularisation of strike period of Aided Schools/Colleges from 19-8-2002 to 23-8-2002  
25 Re-examining equivalence to the Hindi Shikshana Parangath Course conducted by the Central Institute of Hindi Agra for the purposes of employement under the state-reg.  
24 Karnataka Education Department Services (Department of publicinstruction) (Recruitment) (Amendment) Rules.  
23 Withholding action on ED.14.TPU.2001 regarding Pay Re fixation and and excess recovery of Private Aided Primary and High Schools and P.U.College staff  
22 Awarding GIA for Non teaching staff who are appointed before 1-6-1992 and obtained approval of appointment & working under without GIA.  
21 Maintenance of SR of Teaching and Non-Teaching staff in unaided Institutions  
20 Amendment to Karnataka Education Institutions(Aided Primary and High School Employees Service conditions and restrictions)  
19 Recognition for Hindi Shiksha Snathak BEd Exam conducted by Hindi Prachara Sabha, Madras.  
18 GO for Shiksa Snatak course offered by the Institution of Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Madras  
17 Filling up of Vacant Teachers Posts in Aided Institutions.  
16 Clarification on filling up of Aided vacant posts & giving promotions in Private Aided institutions running in more than one districts.  
15 Clarification on Filling up of Vacant posts in Aided High Schools.  
14 Clarification on Filling up of Vacant posts in Aided High Schools.  
13 Filling up of Backlog vacancies while Direct Recruitment & Promotion.  
12 Extension of Kannada Language Exemption facility to Aided Institutions Employees as per the circular dated 03-11-2000.  
11 Grant of appropriate equivalence to the Hindi Shikshak Course offered by the instituti9ons of Hindi Prachara Sabha, Hyderabad for the purposes of employment under the state as per order dated 21.7.99 in W.P.No.33090/97 and 28162/97 reg.  
10 Declaring the Hindi Shikshak Course offered by Karnataka Mahila Hindi Sava Samithi, Bangalore, Karnataka Hindi PRachara Samithi, Bangalore, Tumkur, Karnataka Labour Education Society, Biadar, Hindi Shikshana Parangath Course Conducted by Government Hindi Teachers Training College, Mysore as equivalent to B.Ed Course.  
09 Karnataka Educational Institutions (Appeal, Revision and Review) Rules, 1998.  
08 Karnataka Education Department Services (Department of Public Instruction)(Recruitment)(Amendment) Rules 2002.  
07 sanctioning of 20 years Time Bound Advance Increment for Private Aided High School Craft, Dance, Drama & Arts Teachers & Non Teaching staff.  
06 Clarification regarding filling up of GIA vacancies in Private Aided High Schools.  
05 Clarification regarding Filling up of Vacancies by Direct recruitment reserved for women Reservation and other reservation vacancies in Government Service.  
04 Cancellation of B.Ed equivalence granted to Hindi Shikshank Course offered by Karnataka Mahila Hindi Seva Samithi Bangalore, Karnataka Hindi Prachara Samithi, Bangalore, Mysore Hindi Prachara Parishad, Bangalore, Manasa Education Society, Tumkur, Karntaka Labour Education Society, Bidar.  
03 Recruitment in SC & ST Schools and Jr. Colleges.  
02 Enrolment of children as per the Government Roaster System in Un Aided Primary, High Schools & P.U.Colleges  
01 Adopting State Government Rules from 1997-98 in 13 Hindi Shiksha Snathak(B.Ed.) colleges run by South Indian Hindi Prachara Sabha, Madaras in Karnataka State.  

Policy Matters

Sl. No Details Posted Date
48 Filling up of Teaching vacant posts in Private Aided High Schools during 01-01-2009 to 31-12-2012. 22-07-2014
47 19-10-2012
46 Notification on Managing Committee comprising 100% SC/ST members in Private Educational Institutions.  
45 Prohibition of donation in recognised primary and high schools  
44 Maintaining stability fund for private institutions  
43 Delegation of Powers under Rule 131  
42 Granting permission to start additional sections  
41 Submitting of Audit Report & Management Details to Registrar . Karnataka Society Registration Act 1960  
40 Procedure, Guidelines & Timetable to give permission to Open New permanent Unaided Primary & High Schools in the Academic Year 2005-06.  
39 Granting permission to start additional sections.  
38 Rules to control private schools collecting exhorbitant admission fees regarding.  
37 Retrenchment of Employees in MinorityInstitutions  
36 Regarding renewal of recognition for private schools  
35 Recognition for private schools.  
34 Release of Withhold salary for Aided School teachers under Zilla Panchayath.  
33 Release of Grants to Primary, High Schools and P.U.Colleges.  
32 Relaxation of economy measures for filling up of vacant posts in Primary and High Schools.  
31 Relaxation of economy measures for permission for filling up of vacant posts due to Retirement, promotion, death etc., and Approval with GIA in Aided High Schools and  P.U.Colleges  
30 Relaxing existing ban on filling up of vacant posts in Aided High Schools and Junior colleges.  
29 Relaxing existing ban on filling up of vacant posts in Aided High Schools.  
27 Giving recognition to private schools  
26 Giving recognition for Private Primary, High schools and P.U.Colleges.  
25 Release of grants for the Government hostels run by private NGOs and instructions regarding.  
24 Instruction regarding withdrawing recognition and stoppage of salary for Aided High schools where enrolement/attendanc is below par.  
23 Instructions for administrators appointed by Govt. in Private Insitutions regarding process of recruitment in their tenure.  
22 Permission to open additional sections in Aided primary and high schools.  
21 Opening of Unrecognised Institutions in state.  
20 Establishing Additional Commissionerates in the Department of Public Instruction.  
19 Lifting of ban to filling of vacancies in Aided Institution GO ED 137SEP2001 Date:7-8-2002  
18 Amendment to Karnataka Education Institutes -1967 rules.  
17 Amendment to Grant-in-code for Renewal of Recognition to Primary Schools.  
16 Admission to Grant to SC ST Management High schools started between 1-3-1987 to 31-3-1992.  
15 Amendment to Grant in Aid Rules 2002 to the Sub section (1) of Section 145 of Karnataka Education Act, 1983.  
14 According Staff Pattern 2-2-2000 admission to grant to Craft Teachers in High school  
13 Admission for Grant-in-aid to additional sections in High School & Primary  School.  
12 Restricting collection of capitation fee in Recognised Primary and High Schools.  
11 Cancellation of GIA to additional Sections/Subjects for Private Aided Primary Schools, High Schools & P.U.Colleges.  
10 Austerity Measures in Government Expenditure.  
09 Austerity Measures 2003-04.  
08 Withdrawing Powers of approval of appointment of Teaching Staff in Gov Aided Primary Schools, High Schools & P.U.Colleges.  
07 Withdrawal of powers of appointing Government Aided Primary, High School and P.U.College Teaching staff.  
06 Relaxing Economy measures for filling up of Aided posts in Private Aided High Schools – Conditions for filling up of Posts in Minority Institutions should have minimum of 50% of Minority students in the institution.  
05 Amendment to Karnataka Educational Institutions Recruitment and Terms and conditions of service of employees in Private Aided Primary and Secondary Educational Institutions (Amendment) Rules 2005.  
04 Cancellation of giving GIA for Additional Sections/Subjects for Private Aided Primary, High Schools & P.U.Colleges.  
03 Sanctioning of Additional Sections in Private Un Aided Primary & High Schools.  
02 Additional Economy measures.  
01 Implementing 30% Women Reservation Policy while filling up of vacant posts in Aided High Schools.  


General Circulars

Sl. No Details Posted Date
16 Circular Regarding Opening of Private High Schools. 27-11-2012
15 Annual Examination Guidelines for the year 2010-11.  
14 Karnataka Educational Institutions (Regulation of certain fees and Donations).  
13 Report on students & teachers safety in school complex  
12 Circular on Change of students Name, Date of Birth etc.  
11 Responsibilities of pay drawing officers appointed in aided schools  
10 Decentralisation of powers for approval of transfers and promotions in private Aided Primary and High Schools staff.  
09 Three un-announced surprise visits to private primary and high schools to guarentee the students enrolemtn/attendance  
08 Instruction regarding withdrawing recognition to Aided High Schools in which Enrolement/Attendance is below par.  
07 Considering proposals submitted for schools registration after 31-10-2003  
06 Sanction of Festival Advance to Aided Institutions Employees  
05 Controlling of fees for students Admission in Private Aided and Unaided schools  
04 Permission to Spend Acumulated amount in Private Aided and Un Aided High Schools.  
03 Counter signature for 7th Std. Students T.C. and Privatae schools recognition, sanction of additional Sections, appointment of officials etc.,  
02 Creating Committees for Simplification of process for giving recognition for Primary High Schools and Clearing the pending cases of recognition.  
01 Changing names of Private Aided /Un Aided Primary and High Schools.  



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