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Physical education section works under Director (Secondary Education) in the Dept of Public Instruction. Following are the activities performed in this section:

  • Regarding conducting of Sport events and competitions for School children at zonal, Block, District, Divisional and state level.
  • Organizing all logistics for the State level teams representing National level sports meets organized by School Games Federation of India.(S.G.F.I)
  • Taking up planning activities to release grant for the progressive development of Physical Education activities like organizing National sport meet, Procurement of sport material and for training activities.
  • Organizing Cultural activities by School children in National festivals.
  • Releasing of grants to organization like Bharat Seva dal and Bharat Sevak Samaj.
  • Functions towards collection of Students sports fee and its usage.

>> Sports activities in the Department of Public Instruction.

>> High School Physical Education Syllabus.



Sl. No Details Posted Date
4th Quarter Grant Release for Ongoing schemes for the year 2018-19 dated:23-03-2019. 26-03-2019
3rd Quarter Grant Release for Ongoing Schemes for the year 2018-19 dated:01-03-2019. 05-03-2019
Release of grants for Divisional level and State Level sports activities by State Students Sports Fund. 10-10-2018
Release of grants for Sports Activities under On going schmes for the year 2018-19. 24-09-2018
Awarding Trophies and Medals for the winners of sports competition for the year 2018-19. 04-09-2018
Meeting Proceedings of the District Education Officers conducted on 27-06-2018. 25-07-2018
Application invited from the winners of state level and national level sports competition for the year 2015-16. 25-07-2016
Release of grants to improve physical education in ongoing scheme programmes for the year 2011-12. 21-03-2012
For year 2011-12 Schools Ground development and purchase of Sports Material ( prof. Vaidyanathan) 17-03-2012
Improving Physical Education under Ongoing Schemes Grants.  
Improving Physical Education under Ongoing schemes as per Vaidhyanathan committee report.  

Circular regarding spending realeased grants for Physical Education Development under Plan Head of Account.


Filling the official entry form of 57th National School Games 2011-12 Online.

Awarding Cash Prize for the participants who won in National and State Sports competitions.  
Quotation for Sports uniforms for the Sports Officers and sportsmen who are participating in National Games for the year 2011-12.  


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