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Forms and Proceedures:

Application for financial assistance to the children of teachers pursuing professional and general education.

Particulars to accompany applications for financial assistance from the national foundation for teachers welfare, New Delhi for the treatment of teachers suffering from serious ailments.

Application for financial assistance towards medical expenses of students (to be applied within one year from the date of treatent through proper channel).

Application for sanction of family maintenance to the families of deceased teachers.

Application form for merit scholarship for children of teachers.

Application for life membership (applicable to tutorial cadres of education institutions only).

Karnataka state students welfare fund challen (KSSWF_Challen).

Karnataka state teachers benefit fund challen (KSTBF Challen).

Application for financial assistance for students/teachers towards accident relief (to be applied within six months from the date of occurrence of accident).

Format of collection & depositing funds pertaining to NFTW, KSSWF & KSTBF.

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