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Benefit given to Teachers Under  National Foundation for Teacher's Welfare:

a) Medical Assistance to Teachers and their dependents :

Medical Assistance ranging from Rs.3,000/- up to a maximum of Rs.15,000/- is sanctioned to the teachers and their dependents for  medical treatment based on the intensity of the illness. For this purpose, the ailments are categorized as ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’. Only one application is considered from a teacher in a year. Teachers who have taken treatment in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Polyclinics are eligible for this benefit.

b) Financial Assistance for Family Maintenance to the families of the deceased Teachers :

In the event of the death of the teacher while in service and where the family pension is yet to be settled, a financial assistance of Rs. 7000/- is sanctioned to the family of the deceased for family maintenance .  Rs. 2000/- is sanctioned to the families of  teachers who die after retirement .  Application is to be submitted within 180 days from the date of death of the  teacher along with Death Certificate and Legal Heir certificate

c) Financial Assistance for the higher education of the Children of the Teachers :

Financial Assistance ranging from Rs.300/- to Rs.1000/- is given to the teachers for the education of their children studying  from Pre-university level to Degree Level (including Diploma). Financial Aid is granted for only one child of the teacher in a year. Even if both husband and wife are teachers, the financial assistance is limited to one child only.

Benefit given to Teachers Under Karnataka State Teachers' Benefit Fund:

a) Merit Scholarships to the eminent children of Teachers :

Merit Scholarships are sanctioned to the children of the teachers as under:

            1. S.S.L.C.(Dist. Level)         10  Scholarships per district          @  Rs.   500/-each

            2. P.U.C   (Dist. Level)           4  Scholarships per district          @  Rs. 1,000/- each.

            3. Degree (Univ. Level)          1 Scholarship for each discipline  @  Rs. 1,500/- each.

            4. Post Graduation (Previous) 1 Scholarship for each discipline  @  Rs. 2,000/- each. (Univ. Level)

b) Gurubhavans and Guest Houses:

Maximum of Rs.20.00 Lakhs grant is sanctioned for construction of GURUBHAVANS  at Taluk and District levels. In addition, grant of Rs.1,00,000/- per room subject to a maximum of Rs.10.00 Lakhs is sanctioned  for construction of guest rooms attached to Gurubhavan's.  The remaining cost subject to minimum of 20% of the estimated cost of the Gurubhavan should be met by the "Gurubhavan committee".  The cost of the Gurubhavan is to be met by the Teachers Association. 

The quantum of grant for construction of Gurubhavan's / guest rooms is as below.

For Gurubhavans


For Guest house

1. with auditorium of  30’ X 60’ 12.00 Lakhs   1. for one room of 10’ X 10’ 1.00  Lakhs
2. with auditorium of 40’ X 60’ 16.00 Lakhs   2. for ten rooms( maximum) 10.00 Lakhs

3. with auditorium of 50’ X 120’

20.00 Lakhs      

c) Meritorious awards to Teachers :

1) District Awards :

District Awards carrying a cash prize of Rs.3000/- is given to teachers who have rendered meritorious service. The total number of awards is 357  (Primary school teachers – 202 and High school teachers – 155).  Selection of teachers awards are by District Level Committees. Teachers are not supposed to apply directly for this award.

2) Special Awards :

State Level Award of Rs.5000/- each is sanctioned to 8 teachers for Scientific and innovative work. Applications for this award  are invited from eligible teachers from primary and secondary education during August / September every year through paper notification.

3) Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award :

Rs.12,000/- each is awarded to two Best Science Teachers (primary and secondary) at State Level.  Applications for the award are invited from eligible teachers during August / September every year through paper notification.

d) Conduct of Literary and Cultural activities for Teachers at Taluk, District and State levels :

Literary and Cultural competitions for primary and high schools teachers are conducted at Taluk, District and State levels.  First three places at State Level competitions  will be given a cash award of Rs.3000/- ,  Rs.2000/- and Rs.1000/-  respectively.  Besides, Rs.500/- is given to teachers participating in the preparation of teaching aids competition for contingent expenses.

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