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School Education in Karnataka A  Brief Note :

     As in the other States of India, 10 years of school education is being imparted in Karnataka also. Up to 200102, Lower Primary School comprised of 1 to 4th standard, Higher Primary School comprised of 5 to 7th standard and High School comprised of 8 to 10th standard. 

    The  Educational Task Force constituted by the Government under the chairmanship of  Dr.Rajaramanna has recommended to impart 8 years of Primary Schooling. As a first step of this recommendation during the year 2001-02  5th Standard was clubbed to Lower Primary School and in the second step during 200304 8th Standard has been clubbed to Higher Primary Schools.  8th Standard has been started in Higher Primary Schools where there is no High School facility within  the radius of 3 Km.  By this the Lower Primary School education is of 5 years' duration, Higher Primary School education is of 3 years' duration and that of High School is 2 years.



Some basic Education For All - related Data on Karnataka (pdf format) to view download Acrobat reader 6.0


Department's Mission :


    The mission of the Department of Primary and Secondary Education is to equip children of the State with specified knowledge, skills and values to enable them to become good human beings and productive, socially responsible citizens and to achieve excellence in whatever they do.

Departments Functions :

    The Department has a secretariat and field departments with a three-tier structure at State, District and Block levels.  The field Departments of Public Instruction and Adult Education are under the Zilla Panchayaths and Taluk Panchayaths.

Click here to view Organisation Structure of the Department (pdf format)

Click here to view Administrative Structure of the Department (pdf format)
Click here to view Academic Structure of the Department (pdf format)

    Commissioner for Public Instruction is the Head of the Department who controls and co-ordinates the activities of school education.  All stages of school education, starting from pre-primary to secondary education in the State, come under the purview of the Department.

    During 2003-04.  Additional Commissionerate of public Instruction at Dharwad and Gulbarga have been established for academic and administration decentralization towards North Karnataka Region.

    Pre-service and in-service training of teachers in Music, Dance, Drawing, Commerce, Sanskrit, Urdu & Arabic education also comes under the administrative purview of the Department.

    Following Directorates function under the purview of this Department, each headed by a Director of Public Instruction. They are :

1. Director  Primary education.
2. Director Secondary Education.
3. Director Urdu and other Minority Language Schools.
4. Director State Educational Research and Training and textbooks.
5. Managing Director, Text Books.
6. Director Public Instruction, K.S.E.E. Board(Exams) (SSLC)
7. Director Public Instruction, K.S.E.E. Board (other exams).

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