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Best practices followed in the State :

  1. Only Women are engaged as CCH and Preference given to widows.
  2. 49,001 schools   are using LPG.
  3. 16,191 schools are maintaining Kitchen Gardens.
  4. Teachers taste MDM before serving and record opinion daily.
  5. Fire Extinguishers maintained in all schools.
  6. MDM is served by using small vessels and serve in rows in school verandahs/class rooms
  7. Ragi-Millet is used in Kolar District.
  8. Additional Honorarium of Rs. 700/- per month will be given to CCH by GOK w.e.f 1-4-2014
  9. All 1,10,669 CCHs are trained.
  10. 30 Cooks were trained by Institute of Hotel Management.
  11. Apron provided to CCHs.
  12. Akshaya Tarakari Butti (Vegetable box) in some districts.
  13. Akshaya Majjige Patre (Butter milk vessel) in some districts.
  14. Compensation paid to CCHs if any untoward happens while cooking.
  15. Steam Boilers is being provided to 365 School Kitchen Centers.
  16. MDM Logo, Food Menu and MDM Toll free number (redressal) are displayed on the walls of all schools.
  17. Plates and Glasses provided by the donors.
  18. SDMC  and Mothers Committees are actively involved in MDM.
  19. Schools compound walls constructed under NAREG Scheme.
  20. Centralized Procurement of Dhal, Oil and Salt by KFCSC.
  21. Cleanliness is maintained in each and every kitchen centers and surroundings.
  22. LPG is .using in all the kitchen centers for the preparation of Mid Day Meal Scheme.
  23. Prepared food samples are testing in reputed labs.
  24. Tasty register is maintaining in all the schools.
  25. Cooks are wearing head caps, and Aprons while cooking.
  26. Skimmed milk is giving thrice in a week. (alternative days)
  27. Under RBSK, Medical checkups for children is going on.
  28. Iron with Folic Acid tablet, and Albendozol (De-worm)tablets are giving under WIFS programme.

Kitchen garden:

To increase the nutrition level of children in Food State government has sanctioned Rs.3500/- per school to grow school garden in 19,375 schools in total. The action has been taken to provide vegetable seeds and saplings to schools with the cooperation of Horticultural Department. In that drumstick, papaya, green leaves and vegetables are grown and instructed to utilize for preparation of Midday Meals.

Wall Display Boards :

A wall writing in each school displays the information regarding the food, calories, proteins provided to children and the expenditure, beneficiaries, statistics, cleanliness rules, safety and the additional nutrition etc. for public information as well as transparency.

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