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Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP&B):

Mid Day Meal Scheme assingns importance to the preparation of Annual work plan and budget (AWP&B) by States based on the information maintained at school and aggregated in Block, District and State level. It envisages a bottom-up approach, rather than a top-down approach to planning. It is necessary that there is documentation of process of plan preparation to ensure that they have been prepared at School level through participatory plannig processes.

The AWP&B frame work is desinged to provide a comprehensive picture of present scenario in the State as far as implemenation of MDMS is concerned. It contains details of Management Structure, Implemenation precesses, Monitoring systerms, socialogical break up of target groups infrastructure position, findings of evaluation studies, strategies to tackle problems, community participation, best practices and new initiatives etc.

Details of PAB meeting proceedings

13 AWP&B_2017-2018
12 AWP&B_2016-2017
11 AWP&B_2015-2016
10 AWP&B_2014-2015
09 AWP&B_2013-2014
08 AWP&B_2012-2013
07 AWP&B_2011-2012
06 AWP&B_2010-2011
06 AWP&B_2009-2010
05 AWP&B_2008-2009
04 AWP&B_2007-2008
03 AWP&B_2006-2007
02 AWP&B_2005-2006
01 AWP&B_2004-2005

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