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Grant in Aid - in Primary Education :

General purpose :

With the object of extending and improving secular instruction in the State, a sum of money is annually allotted by Government for providing Grant-in-Aid to Primary Schools, under Private Managements and Local Bodies subject to the conditions specified in the Code.

Objects  :

Grants may be given for the following purpose. —
(a) Maintenance of Educational Institutions;
(b) Purchasing, erecting enlarging and improving school buildings;
(c) Improvement of Play grounds and permanent fixtures, therefor;
(d) Equipment for the school. ,.

Reservation of Discretion by Government :

Grants payable by Government arelentirery discretionary and- cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Notwitnljtanding anything contained in this Code,-  Government reserve to themselves the right to withdraw or reduce a grant at their discretion and to alter, modify or revise the rules of recognition and Grant-in-Aid without assigning any reason therefor.

Sanctioning Authority :

All grants paid from State funds are a sanctioned either by Government on the recommendation of the Director of Public Instruction or by the Director himself or by any other subordinate authority duly empowered in this behalf.

Interpretation of Rules :

The decision of Government regarding the interpretation of any rule in this Code shall be final.


- Grant-in-aid Compendium..

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