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Grand In Aid :

The private Educational Institutions are administered and regulated as per Grant In Aid code. In order to stabilize the administration relating to Private Educational Institutions. The Karnataka State legislature passed an act called The Karnataka Education Act 1983 which got the Assent of the President of India on the Twenty seventh day of October 1993.

This education act provides for better organization, development, discipline and control of the educational institutions in the state. In this act it is considered necessary to provide for the planned development of educational institutions, inculcation of healthy educational practice, maintenance and improvement in the standards of educational and better organization discipline and control over educational institutions in the state with a view of fostering the harmonious development of the mental and physical faculties of students and cultivating a scientific and secular outlook through education. This act regulates the private education managements and institutions relating to

  • Registration of schools and recognition of schools,
  • Sanction of grants and approval of appointments,
  • The powers and functions of managements,
  • Resolving the disputes between management or management or management and teachers,
  • Transfer of teachers,
  • Cancellation of Registration, withdrawal of recognition,
  • Terms and conditions of services of employees,
  • Appellate authorities i.e., EAT at District level, Director and Commissioner for Public Instruction at State level delegated to solve the legal problems.
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